Thoughts Devotion - Week 1

Devotion -

Thoughts Devotion - Week 1

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Same old thinking…Same old results…

👏Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

👏Exodus 4:1
Moses answered, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you’?”

👏2 Corinthians 10:5
We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

🤐Capture the thought 🤐

The two most important organs in your body are your heart ❤️ and your brain 🧠. You heart is constantly pumping your blood through you keeping you alive and your brain is constantly thinking. The thinking results in reactions. Our brains are constantly in over drive and rarely ever quiet. Day in and day out, minute after minute, our brains are occupied by a whole plethora of thoughts. Really think about it. How often are your thoughts negative? How often do you think negative thoughts about yourself? Your negative thoughts turn into negative actions. Even when we pray if a negative thought bubbles to the surface it makes our prayers not as powerful. This series is going to be a learning period of how to capture our thoughts. What we think is therefore what we are and what we are is affecting everything around us. Mind blown? Absolutely. In what ways do our thoughts bear weight in our lives?

🌸 1. You are a negative Nancy. And no one likes a negative Nancy.
negative Nancy (plural negative Nancies) (derogatory, informal) A person who is considered excessively and disagreeably pessimistic.
See. You don’t want to be that. In Exodus 4 Moses is kind of a negative Nancy. He worries that people will not believe that the Lord spoke to him. Then he worries that he isn’t good enough to carry out God’s word, “I am slow of speech and tongue.” Moses worries he isn’t the person to carry out God’s plan but God knows better. We are so prone to talk ourselves out of the plans God has for us because we think someone else could do it better.

🌸 2. You don’t spend time alone in your thoughts. I am so prone to “background noise”. You know, just having the TV or music in the background as a white noise to block out my crazy rampant thoughts. This morning as I was walking I was tempted to put on music. I stopped myself and instead took in the noises of nature. The birds and the bugs. I paid more attention to the feel of the grass under my feet. I was aware of my surroundings and could take notice of how awesome a home our Savior made for us.
🌸 3. You throw epic pity parties in your head. “Woe is me.” “Nobody helps me.” “Nobody cares.” Nobody sounds like a jerk and quite possibly an imaginary enemy of your mind.
🌸4. Your bad thoughts take a trip out of your mouth. The pack their bags and tumble out to live in the land of reality. Once you say something you can’t take it back. Ever heard how you need to listen to an angry person because they have been dying to tell you that? If you think negative things they are prone to pop out of your mouth. Ecclesiastes 10:20 tells us to not curse the king or the rich, even in your head for the air may carry your voice. Bad bird. Bad thoughts.
🌸5. You don’t have confidence in your thoughts. You could be the bravest, most awesomest person in the world in your head but other people don’t know that. You have to have the confidence in your good thoughts to bring them into good actions.
🌸6. You pray but your bad thoughts creep in going….”Alison, you can pray for that, but you know it won’t happen right.” That isn’t being a realist. That is doubting God and his all supreme power to make things happen.
Our thoughts sum up who we are as a person. If we constantly have doubting, nagging, pity partying, thought rays of destruction going on in there, we are not going to be very proactive Christians. God wants us to think clean and pure thoughts and the capture the bad thoughts and shove them out the door. They don’t have a home inside your head anymore. Our minds are a very powerful tool and it isn’t just what you are feeding it but what you are allowing to be thought inside there that is important.

Worksheet👇Comment ur answers 👇
1. How would you classify the majority of your thoughts?

2. Do you often doubt yourself and God’s ability to answer prayer?

Make up your mind to filter your thoughts 💭

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