Family Is... Wall Decor Decal

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This modern definition of the meaning of family is the perfect addition to your home. This decal is a subtle reminder of how important family really is.

The decal features the following words:
Family is... Wonderful, Life's Greatest Blessing, Laughter, Joy, Love, Strength, Forever, Kind, Success, Sweet.

Available only in black gloss vinyl.

This decal comes cut and masked for application as shown in picture 3.

As show in photo 1, the final dimensions are 51" x 48" after placed around the custom printed photos.

Below are the final dimensions of each letter so that you can plan your decor.

Family is... - 26.72"w x 6.6"h
Wonderful -25.05"h x 2.43"w
Life's Greatest Blessing -23.82"h x 2.24"w
Laughter - 15.70"w x 1.92"h
Joy - 5.50"h x 4.40"h
Love -5.97"w x 3.61"h
Strength - 8.94"w x 2.90"h
Forever - 10.60"w x 2.80"h
Kind - 7.06"w x 2.25"h
Success - 10.17"w x 1.66"h
Sweet - 7.77"w x 2.12"h

Materials: Vinyl

Production Time: 5 - 7 business day

Printed in Missouri at our parent company, B-W Graphics, Inc!